I help real-world Christian women in their 30’s and 40’s create the love life they’ve always wanted.

Jeanie Tillman,  CPC, EL MP, MBA, BS

Jeanie Tillman, CPC, EL MP, MBA, BS

Do you feel like your dating life could use an overhaul? Do you want to transform a dead dating life into an active one?

Do you dream about being with an amazing man only to face the reality of zero dates? Perhaps you’re not even meeting potentials, either because you haven’t taken the effort or don’t know where to start (and perhaps scared silly to try). Instead, you spend your weekends watching the latest shows on Netflix.

Or are you tired of going on multiple dates with nothing to show for it? Maybe you want to give it up altogether, or at least recover from the recent round of what seems like endless dating. Why does “more” dating feel like it’s moving you further away from finding the guy you want?

Or maybe you’re regularly in serious relationships. You have little experience in being single. Yet the relationships you do get in, are not fulfilling for you. You desire more but you stick with it. After all, you care for the other person, what more do you need? Yet there’s a sneaking suspicion that you need a lot more.

Now, there's nothing wrong with being single. Some make this their life choice (to the complete astonishment of many Christians who want to see singles everywhere married).


… If you're tired of less-than-satisfying results or a non-existent dating life, and want another option, you're at the right place.

You might be:

  • Tired of dating men you’re not thrilled about

  • Struggling to understand what you want

  • Attracting the wrong guys

  • Doubting that any good men are left

  • Trying so hard without seeing results

  • Doubting yourself at every turn and wondering if you’re doing things right

  • Lacking direction in dating

  • Feeling unfulfilled in your dating life

  • Putting your love life on the back-burner

What if, instead you could:

  • Feel direction and purpose in your dating life

  • Have confidence in the dating choices you make

  • Maintain your energy in dating

  • Feel excited about the men you’re dating

  • Feel balance and peace in dating

  • Say goodbye to settling

  • Feel like you’re dating your way

  • Get better results while exerting less effort

  • Waste less time

I want to help bring lightness, balance and more of you into your dating and relationships. I want to help you move forward in the dating life you want so you can find the amazing man and relationship that is the cherry on top off the rest of your amazing life.

“Before coaching with Jeanie, I gave without expecting much in return, now I look to get as much as I give in dating relationships— knowing that I deserve it. I am much more confident when going out, and if a date doesn’t like me, that’s ok. Dating is much lighter and fun now! I now stay in the moment and am no longer pinning my hopes on others or waiting to be ‘good enough.’ Not only that but the quality of man I date has increased. I’m dating men who are a better fit for me (talking to eight guys at the moment and I’m just getting started!).”—Marie N.

“As seen in” Best Self Magazine and Elephant Journal