Supporting single Christian women, ages 30’s & 40’s, as they pursue dating, love and, most importantly, God.

Jeanie Tillman,  CPC, EL MP, MBA, BS

Jeanie Tillman, CPC, EL MP, MBA, BS

I’m a certified professional coach who helps single Christian women in the areas of:

  • The single life

  • Christian living

  • Love, dating and relationships

The single life

Let’s face it. The single life can be hard.

Perhaps you’re regularly asked if you’re “seeing anyone” or aggressively questioned about the reason you're “single.”

Or the ultimate insult, being consoled “you’re a catch, good-looking or talented.” As if the measure of your worth is whether you are dating someone or not…

The message can come across as “you’re incomplete” on your own. And, if you are on your own, maybe you’re somehow flawed (even if “not dating” is a choice you make).

Then there are personal issues you may grapple with. Like the struggle, and sometimes loneliness, of going it on your own. Maybe you watch everyone else get married and have a family as you continue your life, while seeing less of them (additionally taking a hit to your social life).

You may feel pressure to be like “everyone else” and be dating or married already. Maybe you’re even confident in your decisions up until now, but you just feel alone in them, like no one else is sharing your experience.

Christian living

As you go about your single-hearted pursuit, you want a life devoted to God. You want to trust Him, His timing, and His plan for you while being willing to take part in that plan.

You want to be willing to take risks in your journey with God, and open up to more fully experiencing His power in your life.

Love, dating and relationships

Perhaps you would like to transform a dead dating life into an active one, or stop the insanity of endless dating.

Do you dream about being with an amazing man only to face the reality of zero dates? Perhaps you’re not even meeting potentials, either because you haven’t taken the effort or don’t know where to start (and perhaps scared silly to try). Instead, you spend your weekends bingeing on the latest Netflix shows, or other distractions.

Perhaps you’re tired of going on multiple dates with nothing to show for it. You want to give it up altogether, or at least recover from the recent round of what seems like endless dating. You wonder why “more” dating feels like it’s moving you further away from finding the kind of guy you’re looking for, instead of closer.

Maybe you’re regularly in a serious relationship and have little experience being single. Yet you question how fulfilling these relationships are. You might desire more but you stick with it. After all, you care for the other person, and what more do you need? Yet there’s a sneaking suspicion you might want a lot more…

Or you’ve experienced the pain from failed relationships. The crushed hopes and dreams from that broken marriage, or the bitter disappointment after it ended with your boyfriend. Any of which can leave you dreading the dating world and the idea of another relationship.

You think about having a love life but see so many roadblocks. Love has never really worked for you or you don’t think you have what it takes for the quality, romantic relationship you want.

Now, there's nothing wrong with being single. Some make it their life choice (to the dismay of Christians everywhere who want to see singles married).


If you're tired of a less-than-satisfying (or non-existent) dating life, and want another option, you're at the right place.

I can’t promise you’ll be married in a year, or that love will happen for you at a set time. There is a time for everything, and God can communicate what that time is in your life. When to move, when to wait and what to pursue.

I can tell you that God has a plan for you and that He deeply loves and cares for you, and as His plan unfolds, you can:

Gain direction in dating

I help you explore who you want to date and how you want to approach dating. This can save you time, not to mention the frustration of jumping from one strategy to another without it being tailored to you. It can also help you have better dates and even stop non-productive dating.

Feel more ease in the dating process

Creating a dating plan that fits you, helps you feel better in the process. Also, learning tools like mindset, energy principles and connecting you to a higher wisdom just makes everything easier.

Ditch settling for good

When you’ve caught your new dating vision, your old dating choices just won’t be as appealing. You'll no longer be okay with “good enough” but will want your “best.”

Say goodbye to old dating patterns

Working with me will help you uncover the real draw to your past dating patterns. Like subconscious thought, old programming and beliefs that shape your life.

Increase clarity and discernment in your dating life

This process helps you know yourself better and your blind spots. We’ll work to get to your true values and how that can help you move forward.

Gain confidence in meeting men and dating

Maybe you haven’t dated much and even go for the first guy that comes along because dating can be so dang uncomfortable! Dating well is really about understanding yourself and working on increasing your skills—like meeting people. I’ve created exercises that will help you jump-start your confidence, and if you choose, become proficient.

Open your life up to God’s will

Whether in dating or in life, the journey is about growing in trust, regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in. We as humans (maybe especially as women), love to have control. Or at least the illusion of it. Together, I want to create a new approach if you currenlty feel you have to force life and outcomes.

Know you’re supported

In your dating life of ups and downs, it’s nice to know there's an objective professional in your corner, who comes from a Christian angle. You can be encouraged and supported as you pursue your romantic life. Not only are you not alone, but you’ll gain important insight.

As Seen In

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Before coaching with Jeanie, I gave without expecting much in return, now I look to get as much as I give in dating relationships— knowing that I deserve it. I am much more confident when going out, and if a date doesn’t like me, that’s ok. Dating is much lighter and fun after coaching! I now stay in the moment and am no longer pinning my hopes on others or waiting to be “good enough.” Not only that, but the quality of men I date has improved. I’m dating men who are a better overall fit for me. I’m talking to eight guys at the moment, and I’m just getting started!
— Marie N.
Jeanie helped me get a vision for the future that I could feel. I started appreciating all of my current gifts and accomplishments. Through coaching I feel like I have more control over circumstances whereas before I felt more like a victim to circumstances. I also feel more confident in who I am and at peace, like everything is as it should be. Jeanie was easy to talk to, and I never felt judged. She was truly invested in helping me uncover what I needed to and move forward toward the life I desire.
— H.L. Humphrey
I went from feeling victimized by my own life to feeling renewed hope. At the time I started working with Jeanie, I was at wits end. I felt perpetually denied by life and that I had no control over anything that happened. I felt stuck in my circumstances. After coaching, I actually started moving forward in creating the life I want!
— L. Barnes