It's been truly wonderful being coached by Jeanie. I feel more excited about life and have learned to really value myself. I’ve definitely grown in confidence and decisions are easier—I no longer second-guess myself or feel petrified by choices like I once did. In fact, the coaching process helped me feel empowered to make a job change and gave me confidence that I could step into the new job with added responsibility. I’m really glad I accepted the offer, not only did it improve my working conditions but it increased my income by 50%! During coaching, I also re-awakened a deeper passion I want to pursue—which may require education and other steps. In the meantime, it’s great to have upgraded to my current job, and perhaps the additional income will get me living my passion sooner! — A. Barrett

I went from feeling victimized by my own life to feeling renewed hope. At the time I started working with Jeanie, I was at wits end. I felt perpetually denied by life and that I had no control over anything that happened. I felt stuck in my circumstances. After coaching, I actually started moving forward in creating the life I want. I decided I wasn’t going to be miserable and started doing things to support that decision. I began putting myself out there, I started attending a local Toastmasters and began leading a small group where my strengths could really shine. Jeanie helped me recover the good parts of myself. In fact, I feel more like me again! The peace of mind alone was worth it!   —L. Barnes  

Jeanie is an action based coach! She is ready to get you moving forward in your life. First, she helps you get crystal clear on what it is the you really value. She helps you examine and remove the roadblocks and it is full steam ahead. She helped me focus and get clear on what I needed to take action on each week and held me accountable. Give her a call! — Kim Z.

Jeanie helped me get a vision for the future that I could feel. I started appreciating all of my current gifts and accomplishments. Through coaching I feel like I have more control over circumstances whereas before I felt more like a victim to circumstances. I also feel more confident in who I am and at peace, like everything is as it should be. Jeanie was easy to talk to, and I never felt judged. She was truly invested in helping me uncover what I needed to and move forward toward the life I want. — H.L. Humphrey

I was definitely going through some things in my life that kept coming up even though I was trying to bury them. And so I kept making excuses. I started coaching with Jeanie and things became so real and clear. She always found a way to get me to dig into the root cause of the things that were negatively affecting me. I know that I am in a better place because of our sessions. — T. Lewis