I help Christian *nice girls*, in their 30’s and 40’s, change the way they *do dating* so they can finally have a fulfilling relationship

Jeanie Tillman,  CPC, EL MP, MBA, BS

Jeanie Tillman, CPC, EL MP, MBA, BS

So. You’re one of the “nice” ones. You often put others’ needs ahead of your own, in fact, you are great at thinking of others… but sometimes you can’t hear your own voice.

Maybe you have a long history of dating relationships where you give more than you get—you’re giving 110 percent while he’s just not that “into it.”

You’re big-hearted and really don’t mind putting a lot of energy into a person or relationship. You want to see your partner succeed, be happy, and ease their burden when possible. After all, isn’t this what your Christian upbringing taught you? To put others’ needs ahead of your own? To help out when you can? All your work and help make you feel good…

At first…

Then maybe you start feeling a little…resentful. When did the relationship start revolving around the other person anyways? You have needs too. Does anyone care about those?

Or you just lose steam and feel drained. What else does he need? Perhaps you start dreading the relationship itself. Or maybe your partner finds “greener pastures” after you’ve put so much work into the relationship.

You’re big-hearted, intelligent, and fun. So why do you keep getting less than you want in a partner?

In relationships, are you:

  • Tired of dating men you’re not thrilled about

  • Giving without a second thought, to later feel resentful and drained

  • Sometimes struggling to understand what you want

  • Feeling completely depleted after break ups

  • Not attracting the guys you want

  • Doubting that any good men are left

  • Trying so hard without seeing results and doubting yourself at every turn

  • Wondering if you’re doing things right

  • Lacking direction in dating

  • Uncomfortable stating your needs in dating because you don’t want to seem high-maintenance or demanding

What if, instead you could:

  • Feel like you’re getting as much as you’re giving in a relationship

  • Have confidence in the dating choices you make

  • Maintain your energy in dating

  • Feel excited about the man you’re dating, and know he cares for you

  • Feel balance and peace in dating and love

  • Say goodbye to settling

Whether you’re getting back into dating or wishing to date better, I want to help you find a man who is just as invested in your happiness as you are in his.

As a “nice” woman you have so much going for you and I don’t want you, wonderful woman, to sacrifice in your love life. I want to put you back into the love equation, by helping you get in touch with your voice and needs, so you can find a man that excites you and is a good fit (instead of wasting time with ones that aren’t).

Before coaching, I gave without expecting much in return, now I look to get as much as I give in relationships— knowing that I deserve it. I am much more confident when going out, and if a date doesn’t like me, that’s ok. Dating is much lighter and fun now! I now stay in the moment and am no longer pinning my hopes on others or waiting to be ‘good enough.’ Not only that but the quality of man I date has increased. I’m dating men who are a better fit for me (talking to eight guys at the moment and I’m just getting started!).—Marie N.